Thunderbird 6 Adds Better Theme Support, Fixes Bugs

Thunderbird 6 Adds Better Theme Support, Fixes Bugs

Alongside its release of Firefox 6, Mozilla announced the availability of Thunderbird 6 as well. The newest version of the email client offers little in the way of new features but offers numerous bug fixes and is now based on the Gecko 6 engine.

New features do include better theming options, jumplist support in Windows 7, better import from Microsoft Outlook, and the generally expected interface enhancements and speed and stability improvements.

Mozilla Thunderbird 6.0 [via GHacks]


  • Oh dear – don’t get me started. Thunderbird has been an awful product since the release of v3. I only use it as an RSS reader. Version 3 came out, which was an absolute speed hog – everything vastly slowed down, and disk thrashing all the time, despite plenty of free RAM.

    The next release was marginally better, but version 6 is pants. It’s even MORE of a memory hog. What would take about a maximum of 170MB of RAM in v4/5, now peaks at over 400MB.

    Also – the RSS folders DO NOT reliably download new messages – I have about 20 folders – some will update, others will not. It’s appalling for reliability. Sometimes they won’t update until you click into them, meaning messages are days old, and you only get the last few new messages downloaded – which is pointless!! I want my RSS reader to be downloading messages ready for reading at a later date/time.

    They should fix these MAJOR bugs before releasing fancy new updates for pointless things such as ‘jump-lists’.

    Get your priorities right, Mozilla!!

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