Thunderbird 5 Brings Tab-Dragging, Add-Ons Management

Thunderbird 5 Brings Tab-Dragging, Add-Ons Management

Mozilla has improved the performance of our favourite Windows email client, Thunderbird, and also added several useful features, including tab-reordering and dragging, attachment size display and an add-ons manager.


Tabbed message viewing and add-on enhancements are two of the program’s best features, and Thunderbird 5 has improved both of these. Now you can drag tabs to reorder them and find additional add-ons in the new manager.

Besides those two improvements, Thunderbird 5 also now displays attachment file sizes in each email and you can load plugins in RSS feeds.

Mozilla says it has added over 390 platform fixes that improve speed, performance, stability and security. While we’ve only been able to test the new version for a little while, the program was quick to install and open. Lightning, Provider for Google Calendar and WAT extensions upgraded fine in our tests, though the Google Contacts sync extension didn’t, so that’s one thing to keep in mind.

Thunderbird 5 is available for Windows, Mac and Linux now.

Thunderbird 5.0


  • I’ve been using Sparrow for a while, and absolutely love it, but I’m definitely gonna update my thunderbird installation and take a look at this.

    If they could implement a sparrow/ipad -style view, I’d be stoked.

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