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There are many reasons you might want to back up your Gmail account, such as: It’s good to have a copy of your most-important data; you’re about to be fired from your job and you want to save everything you did; you’d just like a little extra protection in case someone hacks your account and takes it over (or deletes it).


Windows/Mac/Linux: Folders and labels in Thunderbird are great for at keeping your mail organised and out of your inbox, but they all look alike. Color Folders is a simple add-on that lets you customise the folders in Thunderbird however you like -- by priority, to match your Gmail labels, or just according to your tastes.


Webmail is flexible, portable, and accessible everywhere, but desktop email clients have a lot of benefits too. From encryption you can trust to easy backups, there are some features you can only get -- or get easily -- with a desktop client like Outlook, Postbox or Thunderbird. Here are some of the best ones.


While throwing a bunch of documents or other files into your favourite archiving tool before emailing them isn't much of a burden, if it's a regular activity, removing the step can potentially save you a lot of time. If you're using Thunderbird, then Auto Compress File is the extension for you.


If you use webmail like Gmail or Hotmail, there's really no syncing needed to keep your email coordinated across multiple computers — open up your web browser on any computer and everything is just as you left it. Those of us who prefer — or are required to use — a desktop program like Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird, however, have to work a little harder to get our emails, contacts, calendar events and tasks synchronised across multiple devices. Here's how to set it up.


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Thunderbirds threaded view is nice but doesn't quite recreate the magic that Gmail's conversation view does. Free add-on Thunderbird Conversations brings Gmail's conversation view (and its many conveniences, like quick reply and contact tooltips) right into the new Thunderbird 3.3.