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You wanted nifty names for your home network, NBN compared to mobile and advice on the best ways to punch someone. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. 10 Quirky Names For Your Wi-Fi Network
    We noted earlier today that using an alarming name for your Wi-Fi network could be a useful addition to your existing security approach and keep your neighbours from trying to slurp. Here are a few of the most compelling names you could try. Are you willing to rename your network WeCanHearYouHavingSex?
  2. How To Throw A Punch Correctly
    If you’re lucky, you’ll never have to defend yourself through physical violence. But if that time ever comes, or if you’re ever enrolled in a Fight Club against your will, would you know what to do? You’ve seen punches thrown on TV plenty of times, but do you actually know how to throw one correctly?
  3. Can 3G Broadband Compete With The NBN In Brunswick?
    When the National Broadband Network (NBN) launched in Kiama, we tested how well 3G broadband worked as a rough measure of how effectively mobile networks could compete with the new fibre alternative. With the first Victorian NBN site following less than a week later in Brunswick, it only seemed sensible to repeat the experiment. What did we learn? That being in the city doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get better 3G performance, and that yet again you only have to move a couple of blocks to see dramatically different levels of performance
  4. How To Urinate When You’re (Ahem) Over-Excited
    If you’re male, you’ve been there: you’re busting to take a slash but the relevant body part is engorged. The solution? Sit down.
  5. How To Escalate A Neighbourhood Wi-Fi Network Name War
    Readers have contributed lots of handy suggestions to our original list of 10 quirky Wi-Fi network names, but we were particularly impressed with this response to our original suggestion of “We Can Hear You Having Sex”.
  6. The Five Coolest Numbers In Telstra’s Yearly Results
    While all the share market types will be poring over incomprehensible stuff like free cashflow in Telstra’s just-announced financial results and freaking out about revenue declines, we’re more interested in the technology. So here are the five figures that jumped out at us. (ZOMG: so much mobile broadband!)
  7. How Much Does Education Matter To Your Job Prospects?
    Your parents might have spent years persuading you of the value of an education, but when it comes to actually scoring a job, it seems most Australians believe that on-the-job training matters far more than your qualifications. Is that wise?
  8. Kogan Says It Will Honour $9 PVR Deal
    Online retailer Kogan is running a free shipping day today, but one astute OzBargain commenter realised that it was possible to combine that deal with an existing $30 off voucher to score a PVR/set-top box for $9.
  9. Name Your Network Something Alarming To Discourage Neighbours From Using Your Wi-Fi
    If for some reason you want to keep your wireless network open but don’t want unauthorised users connecting to your Wi-Fi, Digital Inspiration offers an ingenious tip: rename your network something most people will not likely connect to, like c:\virus.exe.
  10. Woolworths Launches iPhone App, Android Soon To Follow
    Its latest mobile deals are decidedly Android-centric, but Woolworths has stuck to the familiar iOS path for its first official mobile app. The newly-released app covers pretty much what you’d expect in a supermarket assistant: a GPS-based store finder, a shopping list creator which includes barcode support, a weekly catalogue update and a recipe database.

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