10 Quirky Names For Your Wi-Fi Network

We noted earlier today that using an alarming name for your Wi-Fi network could be a useful addition to your existing security approach and keep your neighbours from trying to slurp. Here are a few of the most compelling names you could try. Are you willing to rename your network WeCanHearYouHavingSex?

Picture by Florian

Note that we definitely don't recommend relying purely on a clever-dick name to protect your Wi-Fi network; you should always set up proper security, which isn't a difficult task. However, once you've done that, there's no reason you can't have a little fun as well. Here are our favourite suggestions:

  • c:\virus.exe
  • We Can Hear You Having Sex
  • H1N1
  • I'm Under Your Bed
  • $$#%JgbtyeQQ^^#@LP&89324
  • notfreesogetstuffed
  • ASIO
  • I Worship Jim Wallace
  • Series Of Tubes

Additional suggestions are, naturally, welcome in the comments.

Sources: Holy Taco, ListOfTheDay and Team Allure


    my one is renamed to 'Police Surveillance 1'

      Mines "FBI Surveillance Van #42" :P

    One of my mates used to use "SkyNet".
    Nobody EVER connected to SkyNet!

      LOL - our's is Skynet too, partially for that reason :P

    mine is "Installing Virus" been good so far!

    The Lan Before Time
    Free Public Wifi

    "NSW Police Survalience Unit #86"

      It'd possibly have more impact if you could spell. LOL.

      My SSID "FBI Surveilance van 13" hasn't had a single connection attempt but the SSID on my secondary AP, "YARRR There be Pirates" tends to get a few attempts every week.

        Wow - would help if you could spell too...

        "Surveilance" - WTF

          Unfortunately "Police Spelling Unit" decamped in the opposite direction...

    Not a very funny one but seeing as my unit is in a motel

    "Who are you again?"

    Pretty fly for a Wi-Fi

      Love it... Might have to use that one!

      That's mine for my mobile hotspot... Until I decide which of these to use, anyway...

    Unrelated, but amusing.

    Our household has been having a recurring "wi-fi" war with one of our neighbours (townhouses).
    When we first moved in, their SSID was "Decepticons", so naturally we set ours to "Autobots".

    Various changes later.

    Recently though they changed their SSID to "FuryTech", so we changed to "TrollTech".
    Then they changed theirs to "FailTech", so we stole their original of "FuryTech".

    I encourage all of you to play wifi wars, it's most entertaining when you don't even know who you are fighting.

    "$99 per 30 seconds"

    I use to call mine "4chan Party Van" luls were had.

    I've always been partial to something along the lines of


    Bit of healthy pessimism on the leecher's part should put them off.

    Mine is Mario Speedwagon.


    I like ASCII art SSIDs:

    < (fish)
    8====8 (bone)
    <:8 )~~~ (mouse)

    "Attack of the 64ft lesbian Octopus"

      Does that offend them, yeah?

    Now all I need is the matching passwords... hehe


    Hey... Series of Tubes is used by someone in my apartment block. With an invasive strong signal.

    My SSID is currently "Wintermute", which is the name of the AI computer in Neuromancer by William Gibson.

    Prior to that I had "WrongTrousers", which always got a laugh from guests who sort out nearby wireless networks.

      Wintermute is the name of my PC!

      For the last ten years I have named my computers after characters from the Sprawl trilogy, and networks after places in the books.

      Currently I have (including VMs):
      - Neuromancer
      - Wintermute
      - CountZero
      - Molly
      - Armitage

      My workgroup is Sprawl, and my wifi is Sprawl-Wifi (although thinking about it now Freeside would make more sense, need to change it now).

        Wow you two should go out on a date!

    I did a test a while ago, where we live, the road gets hoons speeding along it because of some nut living on the street.

    One day I changed my Wif-Fi to "QLD Speed Cam #37" and after about a week, the speeding and reving engines stopped and we have a ncie quiet street again. Don't know if they ever saw the Wi-Fi but it's nice now. After that, I changed it to BrisBestBrothel

      Now that is just genius

    I saw one that flew very close to the 32 (31?) char SSID limit when I was trekking around with my N900 one day:


    Mine has been ASIO_Surveillance_056A for the better part of a year. no issues yet

    'Connecting Now...', reporting in.
    Everyone's perfectly comfortable connecting to things, but when things connect to them they flip out.
    Had an elderly man knock on my door about it.

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