Kogan Says It Will Honour $9 PVR Deal

Online retailer Kogan is running a free shipping day today, but one astute OzBargain commenter realised that it was possible to combine that deal with an existing $30 off voucher to score a PVR/set-top box for $9.

In a press statement, Kogan said it will honour the 500-odd orders received for the device, though the loophole allowing the deals to be combined has now been closed. As we've noted before, it's good when retailers honour deals made when this kind of mistake occurs, even though they're not necessarily obliged to.


    You've got your finger on the pulse Angus!

      You're not wrong, ZDnet didn't publish their article on the same topic till nearly 2:00pm http://www.zdnet.com.au/store-bug-costs-kogan-over-46k-339320147.htm

    Good to see Kogan will honour the deal

    P.S. I never knew I'm that astute :D

    I saw this deal spring up on OzBargain - but unfortunately didn't pay it that much attention due to the fact I was working at the time... Really wish I'd read it properly now :(

    They were probably made for $10 and sold for $30, 500+ orders would have replenished the costs, hence not affecting them. lol

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