How To Escalate A Neighbourhood Wi-Fi Network Name War

How To Escalate A Neighbourhood Wi-Fi Network Name War

Readers have contributed lots of handy suggestions to our original list of 10 quirky Wi-Fi network names, but we were particularly impressed with this response to our original suggestion of “We Can Hear You Having Sex”. Where it will end is anyone’s guess though . . .Thanks Jakeys!


  • Just to clarify, we were using “We Can Hear You Having Sex” for months before the article, but that retaliation only came about after the article. So I guess they might have seen it and the article inspired them. 😀

  • At least it’s not as puerile as my neighbours network name. He seems to think the name ‘Madc**ts’ is quite acceptable! Whilst I’m not bothered enough to ping him on it, I do feel for people with kids who have to see this. #[

    • Just watch, next he will have a t shirt that you don’t like, then lsiten to music that can corrupt your children, then what next? he has thoughts that you don’t like… get over it! if parents were really worried about what their children saw, they would lock down their kids devices to a specific network and filter the crap out of it..

      get over it and just live your life, and let everyone else do the same!!

        • Somehow I don’t think children are going to go around checking wifi SSID’s and then start to have a seizure because your neighbours reads ‘Madcuntz’. They would more than likely just shrug it off, it won’t affect their little minds as much as you make it out to be. Ads has a point your thinking is the reason the government wants to implement a filter in the first place.

          • What rot! I don’t think it’s too much for people to show a little consideration for others around them. I am by no means a prude or some kind of old fuddy duddy. This has nothing to do with filtering the net, (which I am 100% against in all it’s forms) just filtering stupidity! Something all non-bogans seem to be able to do. As for children seeing it, sure, they don’t give a crap these days but I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary to force their faces into it either! I guess my point is,.. grow up! and act like adults! Bored now bye bye!!

          • I’m with ya Ecky. Queensland’s a pretty prudish place where tw** and c**t are unacceptable in all forms of company I keep but are quite acceptable in context in similar company in Britain. However whilst I’m not offended if words like that are used in an appropriate context (see for a reasoned, if shouty definition of appropriate), I don’t want them appearing when I’m trying to show a friend how to fix their wireless.
            There’s a time and a place for everything.

  • Hey – Does setting a wi-fi name constitute a broadcast? If so, does it come under the broadcasting guidelines?

    Does this mean you will can only use certain words after 7:30 at night, and change it back to “Unicorn1” in the morning?

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