What Was Your Worst Week At Work Ever?

By any measure, former News Of The World editor Rebekah Brooks had a shocker last week: she quit her job as News International CEO following a wake of phone hacking revelations and then got arrested on Sunday. How does that compare to your worst-ever week in the office?

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Sure, most of us don't end up with our workplace lows broadcast via the international media, but that doesn't mean they're any more pleasant. In my most-stressful ever week, I got a mortgage, resigned from my job after an unexpected battle over my right to have a personal web site and then had one of my close friends and inspirations die. That really sucked, though ultimately the unexpected change of job was much better for my career.

What's the worst week you've had in the workplace? Share your stories and survival tactics in the comments.


    Probably the week I managed to force push with git and remove every tag and branch under our development AND release repository located on Github. Obviously it was fine as git is distributed and we simply recreated the tags/branches and pushed... but boy I shat bricks.

    What kind of workplace wouldn't allow someone to have a personal website? I take it they never heard of something called work/life balance.

    A couple of weeks back we were in the final few days of deployment of a site and well, lets say the production environment turned up very late and in a terrible state of dissarray.

    Thankfully I was able to turn to drugs and alcohol to get me though the week whilst also pulling some long hours to get everything working; scraped in with an hour to go before the press conference...

    Probably when we had a serious server failure 5 hours before I was due to fly interstate for a wedding.

    Probably when i was responsible for IT help-desk (have you turned it on and off again) at my college. The 9yr old server responsible for access to the internet took a dump a week before exams and college IT went here's a hard drive, go fix it.

    I once had a war start around me which led to multiple 80+ hour work weeks and 24 hour work days without a break.

    As far as a personal websites it would depend on what it was about and where you work.

    I've worked 70hr+ weeks on end before but they were a piece of cake compared to pushing hard for a major milestone at work, my father in high dependancy in hospital with a life threatening bowel infection and 4 month old twins.

    Gotta be just 3 weeks ago, where I was forced to stay back many hours working on a project I had no previous ownership of - my manager just made us all do it without even giving us prior warning. I complained about it to my friends on Twitter, and the following Monday I was fired for the comments.

    My worst week was probably the week when our boss felt a need to drag everyone into one of those job assessment interviews because he was forced to do so by some higher power. I resigned from the same job that I loved doing a week later because of the outcome.
    They told me my work was bad and the quality of it was regressing an that I should improve and in the meantime they could not give me a raise for at least 12 years.

    Funny, I never heard them complain before that time. I was always on time, very productive and I loved my job.

    Big name franchise opened a new store and I elected to transfer over as a computer salesperson. My first day on the job and I discover that the store is still being constructed. I was essentially a shopfitter for a 2 weeks, earning no commission and getting paid my standard no-bonus 7.5 hour pay for 13 hour days. I quit the day the store opened (the day they needed me the most). I assure you, they deserved it.

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