Is This The Creepiest IT Job Listing Ever?

An unnamed man in Denver posted a job listing on Craigslist this week for an urgent IT position. The ad starts with the headline "IT Girl Needed ASAP" and goes on to showcase the prospective employer's shirtless body. And that's not even the worst part...

Requesting a female employee for IT web implementation isn't that weird, right? The firm could be doing an equal employment opportunity drive, or something. However, these thoughts were quickly dispelled — along with the lunch in our belly — when we read the following job description:

I am desperate to get IT help implementing a new business adventure in online Internet marketing and am overwhelmed with the initial implementation. You give me your IT skills and time and I give you the full tilt Goddess treatment! Dates with me, on me, messages [sic] with scented oils, the romance & sensuality...full montey head to foot! I am absolutely not kidding! Doesn't matter who you are. You got IT skills, I got romance skills....let's barter.

To help seal the deal, the ad came with a selection of saucy photos of the elderly gent modelling in minimal clothing (the cello in the background is an especially nice touch). Unsurprisingly, the Craigslist posting has since been flagged for removal. We wonder how many "IT Girls" applied for the position before it was pulled?

[Via: Denver Westword]

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    I spat my coffee out of my nose laughing when he said "on me' lol.

    He's pretty cut for an older bro.

    Gold! Pure Gold!

    This guy isn't what's sad about this.. What's sad, is that he no doubt will get women actually contacting him for an interview! :)

    You never know, he could actually BE a magnificent sexual god... but probably not.

    I'm not gay, or a woman, and I'm married, but..


    He could be on to something - "Online" Internet Marketing is the best kind....

    Who the hell is Milky and what is he doing here?

    Not the worst looking body for a guy his age. Credits for that... Its obviously not PS'ed, as he has no IT-experience.

    LOL nice tan line buddy

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