Harvey Norman 12-Hour Sale Today Might Help You Unearth Some Bargains

Harvey Norman seems to like having sales in June. Just a week after its last three-hour sale, it is running a 12-hour “marathon clearance” at all its stores today, promising up to 30% off computers amongst other discounts.Like anything relating to Harvey Norman, our last post about the sale produced the usual complaints about overpriced items, lack of range, goods not actually in stock, poorly trained sales staff and Gerry Harvey’s ludicrous approach to online retailing. However, the most useful comment came from Hughhh and is worth repeating here:

There are ways of making these events work for you. Just be smart about what you’re doing, and don’t buy into the hype.

As ever: do some research, take a smart phone, and make sure it’s a real bargain on an item you were planning to buy anyway.

Harvey Norman [via OzBargain]


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