Harvey Norman 12-Hour Sale Today Might Help You Unearth Some Bargains

Harvey Norman seems to like having sales in June. Just a week after its last three-hour sale, it is running a 12-hour "marathon clearance" at all its stores today, promising up to 30% off computers amongst other discounts.Like anything relating to Harvey Norman, our last post about the sale produced the usual complaints about overpriced items, lack of range, goods not actually in stock, poorly trained sales staff and Gerry Harvey's ludicrous approach to online retailing. However, the most useful comment came from Hughhh and is worth repeating here:

There are ways of making these events work for you. Just be smart about what you’re doing, and don’t buy into the hype.

As ever: do some research, take a smart phone, and make sure it's a real bargain on an item you were planning to buy anyway.

Harvey Norman [via OzBargain]


    As always, 30% off computers probably just means 400% overpriced.

    Have you ever shopped at Harveys or just on the wagon ?

    There are some very good franchises out there .... Ive bought allot from them over the years.

    "As ever: do some research, take a smart phone, and make sure it’s a real bargain on an item you were planning to buy anyway. "

    Good advice for any retailer you visit.

    Harvey Norman, bargins = oxymoron.

    Always made me laugh Harvey Norman fronting the 'online is killing us campaign' he knows well and truly that any store in a homemaker / shopping centre has a jb or a dick smith selling the same product up to 30% cheaper on the other side of the carpark.


    "...came from and..." should be "...came from Hughhh and..."


    Once again, I'm interested to hear from anyone who attends this sale and finds good bargains (or bad ripoffs). On the face of it, I don't think there would be anything to really interest me on this occasion, given that the "computers" portion is only discounted "up to 30%".

    The less money we give to Gerry, the sooner he'll be living in the gutter.

    Ha,ha,ha "up to %30 off" that's just a retail crap and they know it!!! What it is, they will markdown the old/aged stock or normally the HNX models that have over %40 margin, that's all. The game is still the same, there are just some "new" players!!! Be smart about your purchases, do your research.

    If any of you actually worked in retail you would be aware that there isn't 20% Profit in Hardware (TV's, WhiteGoods, Computers)

    Wake Up People

    East coast only?

      Nope -- WA stores were listed, though many shut at 6pm rather than 8pm. Academic now though :)

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