Australia Day Sales At JB Hi-Fi, Dick Smith, Harvey Norman

Australia Day means a day off and a chance to reflect on our national heritage, but for retailers it's just another excuse to stage a sale. Here are the most notable deals we've seen.

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Many of these are bargains that occur regularly (actually, I can't remember when I last went into a JB Hi-Fi and didn't see the DVDs on sale). But we're not complaining; why pay full price if you don't have to? Deals run all weekend and Monday.

JB Hi-Fi

  • Computers: 10 per cent off
  • Cameras: 15 per cent off
  • Blu-rays and DVDs: 20 per cent off

Dick Smith

  • TVs: 10-20 per cent off
  • Apple computers: 11 per cent off
  • Headphones: 30 per cent off
  • iTunes cards: 20 per cent off
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 3: 10 per cent off

Harvey Norman

  • 2 $20 iTunes cards for $30
  • HP All-In One, notebook and tablet for $998


    I was thinking about picking up a DSLR this weekend. Is it worth it from JB or am I better off picking up something online?

      @nevetsg never a truer word spoken.

      Yield if your happy to go grey import try digital rev.

      your savings are likely to be in the realm of %30 rather than 10

        Dicksmith has 10% off cameras too this Australia day weekend and I think Bing Lee has some deals too. if you want to check online, you may want to follow this list at topbargains on Australia day specials.

        @Yield - look at instead of Digital Rev, there are heaps of Grey Import places that will beat those prices. Don't forget to do your due diligence checks, i.e., search for complaints against a specific company, before you buy from a grey import online dealer.

          ShopBot is also another place to use for price comparison too.

      If your getting a Canon, now is a great time with their cashback offer, best part is JB will still negotiate over the 15% off price and then for certain models youll get even more cash from canon,

      Depending on what DSLR you are after, I'd suggest at least getting the DSLR body in Australia, mainly for warranty purposes. Canon Lenses hold a world wide warranty, so you can grey import them and warranty them in Australia (never had to do it though).

      If you do want to go online and grey import, check out excellent prices, targeted at Australian buyers, VERY quick delivery (Order Monday, get it Wednesday or Thursday), and they have an excellent warranty system if you do have to send it back to them.

      Last edited 24/01/14 12:11 pm

      i got my DSLR Nikon D7100 from Kogan and it was 600 cheaper then teds

    If you are not already getting 10% off the sticker price then you are doing it wrong.

    Should check out Ryda for cameras.
    My b/f just got a very good deal on a Nikon.

    JB also has 30% off selected head units for cars.

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