Harvey Norman 3-Hour Sale Is On Tonight

Harvey Norman 3-Hour Sale Is On Tonight

Harvey Norman is staging its three-hour sale tonight; stores shut at 5pm and then reopen at 6pm. Bargains will vary from store to store, and I’d take a smartphone — some sale prices might still be bettered online — but it might be worth checking out if you’re thinking of some mid-year gear purchases. [Harvey Norman]


  • Guess what, Gerry?

    I don’t need to come to your stupid store and get crushed by feral pensioners.

    I have the Internet at home. On sale, all the time.

    • Took the words right out of my mouth.

      I reckon this sale would still cost more than buying online or from the majority of other Aussie stores for that matter.

    • A funny thing happens in life we all become pensioners if we are lucky enough to live long enough maybe you are going to live in the fast lane and die at a young age. Good luck with that.

  • /me Havery Norman, how do you stay in business?

    /HN GLaD yOu aSked *me*, mostly it’s because of customers ignorance but that’s a secret.

    /me Well that was easy & go to hell for me.

    /HN Can Do, until next time jackasses!

  • Oh No!!! HN ###FA1L### not again!
    One thing is providing a good deals, another thing is playing with people’s minds/money. Let me elaborate on this:

    Firstly, EVERY sales person in HN, Domayne, Joyce Mayne is trained (fully paid by the company) to manipulate with the customers. Every catalog/sale that these retailers have is filled with “great” deals (read bellow cost items that bring “bums” in the store) and of course HNX (Harvey Norman Exclusive) products (margin heroes).

    Sales person’s job is to switch sell from market loss leader to HNX margin hero and attach add ons as much as possible. A sale without add ons (ext.warranty, TrendMicro OEM (cost $16), Norton360 OEM (cost $20), surge, bag, etc…) will result in a low or no margin sale!!!

    What pisses me off is this: There’s hard working families with more than 2 or 3 kids that are waiting for these sales so that they can buy laptops/desktops for their children and they do go in the stores with their hard earned money. What awaits them in the stores is a typical sales person with see thorough sales pitch “Yes, that is a great product, but before you make the purchase, do you mind me showing you a product that will suit your “lifestyle benefits” and be even better that the one you have already chosen. If you still want that product, we can come back to it. Do you mind?” What the sales person is doing now is bringing the customer from “close” stage to “qualify” and trying to switch sell to HNX. Maybe not because they want to, but because they ARE TOLD TO DO SO! That is the HN retailing technique. And “If you are not supporting HN, why not?” Gerry, get a life and grow up!!!

    • Last year, at one of their “OMG BARGAINS” sales, we picked up a 10″ netbook and two 640GB usb drives for under $350 combined ($197 and 2x $70 respectively). No extended warranties, no antivirus, no Norton, none of that crap.

      As we were leaving, I spoke to the franchise owner about buying another netbook. He wouldn’t let us — he was losing money on them so had a limit of 1 per family (!) to minimise his losses. He still had half a pallet left by mid-morning.

      The point being, there are ways of making these events work for you. Just be smart about what you’re doing, and don’t buy into the hype.

  • We’re sorry!
    The page you’re after could not be found.

    Even going to the Deals & Events page and clicking on the 3-hour sale takes me to a page not found error… Interesting.

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