CarJoy Is A Group Deals Site For Buying Cars

CarJoy Is A Group Deals Site For Buying Cars
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A new group deal site seems to pop up every time I blink, but most focus on restaurant deals, spa visits and other experiences. CarJoy offers group discounts on a rather more expensive and permanent item: a new car.

The principle is the same as other group deal sites: a specified model of car is offered for a fixed price, which is met if enough people sign up for the deal. Reflecting the bigger investment involved, the deals run for a fortnight rather than the more typical one-day period.

To discourage unwanted signups, potential customers have to provide credit card details for a $299 bond before bidding, though this isn’t charged until the deal goes through and is deducted from the final purchase price. Delivery is arranged through a dealer (a list of participating dealers is included as part of the pitch, apparently).

Right now, the site is in signup mode, but its first deal, offering a Mazda 3 Neo to Sydney drivers, is set to launch July 1.

Would you buy a car via a group deal (perhaps after “kicking the tyres” with some pre-signup research?) Share your thoughts in the comments.

CarJoy [via Mumbrella]


  • I can’t imagine the pricing being anything better than you could get from a car broker (which you can access via unions/RACQ etc or see privately).

    It might get you a better deal than you could have if you are a bad negotiator. I’ve never done too badly myself.

    Does anyone know how the site handles “extras” e.g. if you wanted specific colours or dealer fitted accessories etc.

  • actually there would be plenty of incentives for dealers to get involved. Even if they reduce their margins, the could possibly push a large amount of sales through their doors…possibly to hit a target or sales award.

  • Also this site looks like it has been setup to see what interest there is in such a model. Was probably someone’s idea that they thought might be worth seeing what the public interest would be before doing most of the work for setting it up.

    • In fairness, if there’s a deal scheduled to go live on July 1, there’d need to have been a bunch of work in advance. (If nothing happens on that date, you can certainly gloat then 🙂

  • Where do you find anything about Mazda 3? I can’t see anything.

    Understandably 1-July. June has always been car dealers’ harvesting time, no incentive to give any discounts.

  • Wow, these guys are having us on.

    When you sign up, “to join our invite list” they then slam you with a “Invite at least 3 friends to get an early invitation”..

    I don’t have 3 friends, but didn’t I just sign up to get an invitation.. now I have to go and find 3 friends as well..

    I wonder if their e-mail list will be comprised of 75% dud e-mail address..

    A shame I had that experience, I thought it was a decent idea.. but you are right Blake, brokers do a superb job already..

  • This will never come to fruition in the same sense the restaurant deals do…

    They (resturants) get absolutely shafted in the long run by the operators of the ‘group’ companies after their cut has been taken… it’s only through desperation they join up… ie desperation to save their business by getting ‘bums on seats’ at all costs…

    Now can anyone see car dealers falling into the same trap?

    I think not!

    • Hey spanner,

      I can see your point, but there isn’t the same large volumes. With scoopon and other sites, the customer service is shocking because they can’t handle all the volume. The car dealerships are use to lots of customers.

      They also make money on the after sale services so I would see it as a win/win for them.

      Just my thoughts.

  • I got a great deal on a car through a group purchase. A broker had about 5 hyundais to buy so they hit up a bunch of dealers to get the best price on the package deal. You can bet they were willing to negotiate to sell 5 cars at once. I saved about $3k on the best price I could get locally. I can see that this would quickly expand to have probably 14 offers running at the same time, new one starts each day and runs for 2 weeks. You’d want the right car and no-one would wait a year for the right car to come up…but I could probably settle for 1 of 14 options.

    • is hardly a deal. I went into a Hyundai car dealer and he gave me $12,500 ($50 cheaper than 123cars) for Getz straight away without I even haggle.

  • Hey guys,

    My name is Adam and I am one of the co-founders of

    Thanks for all of your comments. It’s great to see that people believe in our vision too.

    Here are some answers to a few of your questions:

    Lauren: great to hear- you can definitely have a test drive.

    Antony: If you sign up on our splash page,, we will notify you when the site goes live on July 1st. Feel free to invite more of your friends if you would like. Sorry if you felt you were being had…I can promise you that isn’t the case!

    Simon: We guarantee this will be the cheapest place to purchase a Mazda 3 next month. You can check our site on friday to see all the details when it goes live.

    Blake: Yes, you can add any extras you want and we guarantee it is the cheapest place to purchase the featured car. You can make it yours by adding whatever extras/colours you want. And yes, the savings are out of this world!

    Rufus: Cool, I was not aware of 123cars, I’ll make sure I check it out. Thanks for the heads up.

    If you want any other questions guys, feel free to post it and I’ll try to get back to you ASAP.


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