Buyii Rounds Up Group Deal Offers From Multiple Sites

Buyii Rounds Up Group Deal Offers From Multiple Sites

Group deal sites — where a product or service is offered if a certain number of customers sign up — have flooded the Australian market in the last year. Buyii rounds up all the deals in your city, saving you visiting multiple sites to seek bargains.

The site tracks more than 15 Australian group deal offerings, including several we’ve featured in the past (Cudo, Ouffer and JumpOnIt, for instance). There are city-specific listings for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide, plus a general nationwide category.

The site’s developers say the information is collated by hand rather than scraped, which should mean better accuracy and relevance but presumably might delay the appearance of deals. Once you click through to a deal, you end up on the originating site, though Buyii does frame this Facebook-style with a bar prominently displaying its own logo.

Group deal sites are a mixed blessing, and having so many offers in one place could have a damaging effect on your wallet. However, in productivity terms, not having to visit multiple sites is a good potential time saver.



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