Firestub Is A Group Deals Site For Cheap Tickets

There's clearly no shortage of group deal sites around, so anyone looking to enter the market needs a point of distinction. Firestub's differentiator is that it concentrates solely on cheap tickets to events, rather than products or "experiences".

That point aside, it's business-as-usual in the functional department: you get a daily offer of a discounted ticket, and the deal happens if enough people sign up. Right now the service is only running in Sydney, but Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth are promised.



    Hi Angus

    We would like to thank you for sharing FireStub with all the LifeHackers out there.

    Since our launch you are offically the first person to cover the site and that is a proud moment for us.

    We have many great plans for FireStub and our users so everyone stay tuned :)

    Take Care

    Jeez, this site lasted a long time. Looks like these guys didn't have the steam keep it going post launch. Not what I would call a great success ..... but then again it's 'just another' group buy clone. They probably thought they could make a fast buck with little or no effort ... The founder seems to be the same guy behind that other now failed startup '' which like this, lasted all of 30 seconds as well.

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