Scrollbar Search Highlighter Colours Firefox's Scrollbar For Page Searches

Firefox: If you use Ctrl+F to sift through long web pages often, Scrollbar Search Highlighter saves you from constantly clicking "next" by highlighting, on the scrollbar, where every instance of a word is found, Google Chrome-style.One of the features former Chrome users probably miss when switching back to Firefox is the scrollbar highlighting you get when you search for words on a page with Ctrl+F. Scrollbar Search Highlighter brings that functionality to Firefox. Just install it, pick the colour you want to use in the add-on's settings, and hit Ctrl+F to start searching the current page. You'll see that the scrollbar changes colour wherever that word is found, so you can quickly scan the page without clicking the "Find Next" button over and over again.

Scrollbar Search Highlighter is a free download, works wherever Firefox does.

Scrollbar Search Highlighter [Firefox Add-Ons via MakeUseOf]


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