Fix Gmail’s Newest Annoyances With These Userstyles And Userscripts

Fix Gmail’s Newest Annoyances With These Userstyles And Userscripts

Now that Gmail’s rolled out its new look and you’ve learned your way around the changes, it’s time to fix the little quirks and annoyances that remain. Here are a few of our favourite userstyles and userscripts for making the best of the Gmail redesign.

These userscripts should work in Chrome, Firefox with Greasemonkey, or Safari with Ninjakit. Chrome users can install userstyles as userscripts from the individual styles’ page, while Firefox users can either do that (which will take a few clicks to copy the code) or install Stylish for one-click userstyle installation. Opera users can install userstyles as plain CSS or JavaScript from the style’s page.

Hide the “Send Feedback” Box

this simple userscript

Make Threads Easier to Read with Alternating Message Colors

Alternating Message Colors

Increase the Contrast Between Read and Unread Messages

Read/Unread Contrast Increase

Differentiate Between Toolbar Buttons with Colours

Easy Access Colored Buttons/*

Make the Toolbar Even More Compact

Gmail Compact

Make the New Scrollbar Easier to See

Visible Scroll BarnotScrollbar Like Chrome

Hopefully, a few of these will make your Gmail experience a little bit better. Of course, don’t forget about all the other great Gmail userscripts we’ve featured in the past, including those contained in the awesome Better Gmail Firefox extension. Many of them still work with Gmail, even in the new layout. Got a favourite we didn’t mention? Let us know about it in the comments.


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