Scrollbar Of Contents Adds Clickable Headers Next To The Scrollbar

Articles on the web can get a little long sometimes, and it can be difficult to skim them and find the parts that are most relevant to you. That's where Scrollbar of Contents comes in. It's a free add-on for Chrome that adds clickable buttons next to your scrollbar so you can jump right to different sections of the article you're reading.

Once installed, the extension will scan a page when you load it to see where there are new sections, headers or breaks, and adds transparent buttons next to the scroll bar that you can use to navigate the article, even from the top of the page. You can expand the buttons to see the entire header title or minimise them so they're tiny and out of the way, and you can control them with keyboard shortcuts. The buttons will even rearrange themselves if you resize the browser window. Click the toolbar button to make them vanish entirely.

If you tend to enjoy long articles, or you just want a way to quickly jump from section to section in a longer article that you're reading, Scrollbar of Contents can be a huge help. Have you tried this or a similar extension to help you navigate long articles? Let us know in the comments below.

Scrollbar of Contents [Chrome Web Store via Addictive Tips]


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