Open Multiple Links With These Browser Add-Ons

Opening a lot of links takes a lot of clicks, which gets tedious when you’re scouring Google for information. These Chrome and Firefox add-ons will let you select multiple links with a click-and-drag motion, opening them all at once.

Chrome: Linkclump

LinkClump is an extension in Chrome that lets you click and drag to select multiple links, and open them all in new tabs. You can choose to open them all in the current window or a new one, as well as ignore certain links containing words. It already knows how to ignore certain links, like in Google — notice in the above image, it knows not to select the “Cached” or “Similar” links, just the ones that actually navigate to the pages you want.

You can activate Linkclump either by clicking and dragging, or by holding an optional key (like Shift or Ctrl) and then clicking and dragging, so you don’t get any accidental link clumps or text selection issues.

Firefox: Multi Links

We’ve featured Multi Links before, but it’s worth mentioning again since it’s essentially the same thing as the newer Linkclump. Multi Links does the same thing as Linkclump: It lets you open multiple links at once by clicking and dragging a box over them. Multi Links gives you a few more options, though: you can choose to open those links in the current window, a new window, copy them to the clipboard, or bookmark all of them. You can also assign different actions to different mouse buttons (e.g. dragging with the left mouse button will open them in a new tab, but dragging with the right mouse button will add them to the clipboard). You can even use a key like Ctrl or Shift to deselect certain links on a page, if you want to select a big block of links and deselect one of the links in that block. It also lets you customise the colour and style of the box that appears when you click and drag, which is a nice touch.

Both Linkclump and Multi Links are free downloads, and work wherever Chrome and Firefox do, respectively.

Linkclump [Chrome Web Store via AddictiveTips]
Multi Links [Firefox Add-Ons]

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