Free Postage From Amazon UK To Australia Now Permanent

You might recall that back in February we told you about Amazon UK offering free postage to Australia on orders over £25. While it was originally scheduled to end on May 15, Amazon now appears to have made it a permanent feature — a handy way to save money when shopping overseas. Thanks Alex! [Amazon]


    Well, there goes my next paycheck.

    Wow, I might have to learn to read and I'll actually start buying DVDs on occasion.

    Are you sure that it's permanent? I'm still seeing "ends May 15" on other pages around

    I'm placing an order before the deadline, but I think I'll wait until after the deadline and seeing if it's still around before saying it's permanent...

    This is a great win for Australian consumers.

    I think this may be wrong. When you click through to the terms and conditions it is still listed as expiring on 15 may. Will amazon clarify?

    Weighing it up.. The usd u can still get books cheaper comparing to gbp.. Or for most items anyway

    use to check for best prices - it calculates postage and even works on multiple items and caters for free postage thresholds too.

    Hmmm... bookdepository has been doing this since I can remember. Alternatively, you could just go to to see who is the cheapest.

    Most products are still overpriced on the UK site. e.g. a Kodak Zi8 is £79.98 (converted US$130.911) vs US$111.08.

    Canon IXUS 220 HS is £185.00 (converted US$302.808) vs US$253.00

    I'm sure it all depends on what you want to get but pretty much post isn't free if u do the math.

    cook books from amazon uk have metric measures, this makes a huge difference.

    on the checks i have done (cook books), amazon prices were comparable with book depository even with a postage fee included.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted

    Not quite permanent, but now officially confirmed until August 15th 2011.

    Ooo and now till September 30th

    It has now been extended until Sept. 30th. Wonder if it is going to become officially permanent at some point? Or are they still trialling it for a while? I'm hoping they're not just putting a deadline date artificially to get us to buy more.

    i have this week sent a present to aussie and got charged for post and packaging..

    It's for books and DVDs only.

    I noticed the updated information page states that the 'permanent' free shipping to Australia actually ended on January 15 2012. Is there any chance it is coming back in the near future?

    I asked an amazon rep, and he stated "it is not company policy to talk about expansion plans before they are announced..", so maybe they are looking at putting an out there soon?? The free shipping policy could have been a test to see how many Aussies would buy on the net if shipping was free??

    Wouldn't be surprised if landed soon. Late last year Amazon held a big recruitment roadshow looking for Australian IT folks.

    also is now a proper website which redirects you through to the uk version. seems they are preparing for it. hopefully they wont jack the prices up to match existing aussie prices.

    An site would be AWESOME!

    I would love to use an Australian based company like Booktopia . Unfortunately my main area of interest is out of print detective fiction of the 1930's and 1940's. Until an Australian site starts selling these I am stuck with paying big bucks for shipping costs.

    as long as Amazon UK is playing silly games regarding free shipping to Australia
    I will not consider ordering from them

    It's not permanent and I heard from Amazon that there are no plans to have permanent free postage to Australia. The gist was-why bother, you'll order stuff anyway.

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