Dick Smith Has A Costly Exclusive On Kindle Touch

Kindle retailing remains weird. Dick Smith has an Australian physical store exclusive on the Kindle Touch, which it is selling in-store for $185. But if you order it from Amazon directly, you'll pay $149 including postage. I know what I'd do.

The 3G version is $249 from Dick Smith, and that makes more sense, as Amazon won't sell that model to you directly at an Australian address. But the Australia tax for the standard version (a deal Dick Smith has until April 2012) seems unnecessary to me, unless you need an emergency gift. But if you're tempted for some reason, here's the pricing table for Dick Smith:

Dick Smith


    You mean the company that's going out of business made another bad decision?

      ahahaha nice

    I bought one from Amazon but they wouldn't post it to Oz so I had to go through a US address. So either they've changed their position on posting these things to here or your fact checking is wrong!

    ill informed artical,
    LOCAL Warranty.......In stock right now!!!!
    I had a Kindle that I had purchased direct that went faulty, I had to ship it back at my cost and wait 6weeks, the postage alone was more then the difference between local and direct pricing........
    and dont forget normal people expect to pay to get items a few $ dearer that shopping online when they get to pay with a display model and have a good selection of accessories

      I purchased a unit from Dick smith and was told that they would have to send it to service which can take up to 4-6 weeks.
      Where are you getting this local warranty business from?

        (Current DS employee here.) "4-6 weeks" is basically the worst case scenario estimate we usually give. They made some major changes to how service repairs are handled internally a few months ago, and it's now down to 1-2 weeks in most cases.

        As for Kindles in particular, we usually get an email two or three working days after sending it off for repair telling us to just swap it over for a new one from our stock. A couple of times, we've received an email like that before the courier even picked it up. Makes life easier for everyone.

    Um, Big W also deals with the Kindle Touch, it's not really an exclusive unless you're talking about Woolworths as a whole.

    Are these modesl of the Kindle touch sold at DS, Big W and Wollies are of the special offers type? Meaning do they display advertising when the reader is turned off. From the price tag for the wifi only and wifi/3g, I suspect they are the special offer type.

    When I tried at Amazon it had a delivery charge to Australia of $12.12 so I don't know where the writer of this article gets his facts from

      Odd -- I got it to the final checkout with no delivery charge. (Amazon might have changed their prices between then and when Jon tested, of course.)

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