Fetch.io Downloads Your Torrents For You, Then Streams Them To You And Your Friends

Fetch.io Downloads Your Torrents For You, Then Streams Them To You And Your Friends

We love BitTorrent for downloading big files, but its performance is pretty dependent on your internet speed and setup. Web service Fetch.io downloads your torrents for you at super-high speeds, then lets you stream enclosed media to nearly any device you own.

Generally, when you’re downloading something from BitTorrent, you download it using your own bandwidth and a desktop client. Fetch.io takes a different approach to BitTorrent, downloading the file for you on their super-fast servers, and then allowing you—and others—to download the resulting file via HTTP. Fetch.io isn’t the first service to offer this, but what makes it really cool is the ability to stream downloaded videos, either on your computer or your mobile device.

All you need to do is paste a torrent URL into a box, wait for Fetch.io to download your file, and then choose how you want to access it. It’ll convert any video to Flash and MP4 formats, so you can stream it on your computer and phone, as well as through UPnP devices like the Apple TV or XBMC. You can also share those files with your friends, which is perfect for those friends that aren’t as BitTorrent-savvy. It also works with other online storage services like RapidShare, Megaupload, and MediaFire.

Right now Fetch.io is in open beta, and while it’s in beta users can get 20GB of storage and 40GB of bandwidth for free. Once the program’s out of beta, there will still be a free option, but it will likely be a little bit more limited. So head on over and sign up now to get in on the action. At the time of this writing, they’re a bit overloaded and upgrading their servers, so if you’re having trouble check back again soon and you should have better luck.

Fetch.io [via TorrentFreak]


  • As much as this makes it convenient, doesnt it kinda undermine the whole point of bittorrent? Which to me is to download anonymously from no central server (which can be shut down).

  • TO BEN:
    bittorrents are good while you’re at home, but what about other places that you may have very fast internet connections but computers with blocked bittorrent…this is definitely useful as it you can always download http but not bittorrent….

  • Dear Whitson,

    Fetch.IO is a cool service, but this is old and doesn’t really bring a new spin on anything. On the other hand, I have been a big fan of nukeDL which launched in 2011.

    nukeDL let’s users download, extract and stream RAR/Split/etc. video files instantly in seconds. Fetch.IO makes you wait.

    Go checkout nukeDL.com if you haven’t already. It is amazing.

    • Seriously Gus, this made it through the moderation process?

      I had a VERY brief look at nukeDL.com, then closed the website seconds after opening, as soon as I discovered a monthly fee. This guy is obviously fishing for traffic for his site – don’t bother with it.

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