BitTorrent Releases Official Chrome Extension For Direct Torrent Downloading

There's definitely a few options available when it comes to BitTorrent integration in Chrome. But with BitTorrent Surf, you get an extension from the custodians of the protocol itself and the (now) makers of the popular uTorrent client.

According to its page on the Chrome Web Store, BitTorrent Surf offers the following functionality:


  • Quickly find torrents across multiple search sites.
  • Automatically detect search sites
  • And add your favourite sites to create a custom search engine.


  • Get media from sites like the Internet Archive directly from your search results, in one click.
  • Stay updated while you Surf: manage downloads and notifications from your browser.
  • File health estimates help you select the best quality media to download.


  • Just push play.
  • Surf is simply the most beautiful, fluid and streamlined way to find, access and enjoy Internet content.

The search and interface stuff is nice, I guess, though as long as it downloads reliably, I'm sure it'll be a winner. It's currently sitting on 4/5 stars from 48 reviews, which is a solid vote of confidence, especially given it's an alpha release — v0.5 to be specific.

BitTorrent Surf [Chrome Web Store, via TorrentFreak]


    I like it.

      Does it rely on the browser to stay open to download or does it like with the uTorrent client to do the actual downloads?

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