uTorrent Premium Version Adds Video Encoding, Remote Downloading

uTorrent Premium Version Adds Video Encoding, Remote Downloading

uTorrent, our favorite BitTorrent client for Windows, just updated with a few minor additions, including a $US25 premium client with built-in video encoding, virus scanning, and the ability to download torrents from anywhere.

Those of you that use the free version of uTorrent can update to version 3.1, which includes an integrated standard definition media player as well as drag-and-drop file shifting to other devices (like an Xbox, iPhone, Android phone, other media centre).

More exciting, though, is the introduction of uTorrent Plus, which includes the ability to transcode audio and video files, scan downloaded files for viruses and malware (a common problem with sketchy torrents), and watch videos in HD right from the uTorrent client. In addition, it includes an update to uTorrent’s Remote feature that lets you download finished torrents to any computer remotely. That is, if you aren’t at home, and one of your torrents has finished, you can head to the web interface and download the finished file straight to your laptop — which is something we’ve wanted for a long time.

uTorrent Plus is $US24.95 for a year, which isn’t super-expensive, but perhaps a bit pricier than we’d like for what you get. BitTorrent will be adding more features to the client in the near future, but for now, stay tuned — today we’re going to go over some free alternatives that bring these same features to any torrent client. For now, though, hit the link to read more about the new uTorrent.

µTorrent Plus, µTorrent 3.1 (Free), and BitTorrent Plus…(and the Kitchen Sink) [BitTorrent Blog]


  • Also, an update to be highlighted, it’s 24.95 PER YEAR.
    Might need to consider other media streaming and file transfer software in conjunction with the free edition.

  • I used to be able to remotely drive my uTorrent back when I used it… now I would have to pay for that “privelage”?? and if I already have remote access to my computer via the web interface of uTorrent, do they think it is hard for me to do the same for ftp access?? and it’s not even a one-off payment??

    Even if I were still using BitTorrent, I certainly wouldn’t pay for the things they are offering for the price.

  • The Alternative:
    Install and configure, sabnzbd, sickbeard, couchpotato, headphones, ftp, and dlna. (sounds extensive but it’s very easy, choose your own ftp and dlna server apps)
    Activate remote desktop, just in case (if available).
    Never look for something to download ever again 🙂

    Optional: If you’re a packrat like me, or wanting to build up a large collection, ensure you have some form of raid array (preferably R5 or R6) set up for expandability. For example I have a 12 Bay NAS with 4x 3TB drives configured in raid 6, and will expand when needed to avoid having all the manufacturing dates close together so they don’t have the possibility of all failing around the same time.

    The Advantage: all these apps are designed to execute a specific task and are also designed to work together, they are also open source and are highly used, so updates are frequent and bugs are kept to a minimum. You also will never have go searching around, it will add to queue whatever you’ve configured it do even while you sleep :-).

    The Disadvantage: You may need to get a newsgroup subscription (internode users get this for free as far as I’m aware) otherwise your limited with free providers to 30 days of retention on only a select amount of newsgroup locations (known as groups).

    • +1 to this. Lifehacker should write up a guide to getting all of these working together so that they launch when you start windows, save things to the right directory, and rename it the way you want. Extra points if you add a guide on how to automatically transcode and add videos to your itunes library to sync across to your iphone 4 or ipad 2 the next time you plug it in.

  • “stay tuned — today we’re going to go over some free alternatives that bring these same features to any torrent client. ”
    there is little i dislike more than free software that turns into paid software…utorrent is dead to me…i will be looking forward to LH’s alternatives article

  • Before i say this , yes , i came in as a guest .
    But it never seems to stop amazing me that ” guests ” ALWAYS agree with having to pay yearly for some you can get for free. Id bet a 1000 to 1 that these so called ” GUESTS ” work for the company .

  • yes ive used u torrent for years theres features they removed from old versions that were fantastic like selecting which files you wanted before upload in stead having to upload the entire file then delete what you never wanted any way yes there should be free ones that all work together if they by all dif places some one needs to build a bridging program to run them all to gether then all me smiles and happy campers oh im in as guest and I hate the yearly fee a one off maybe but yearly no way and no I don’t work for the company lmao

  • Used uTorrent for over 10 years, and although the trustworthiness did go down after it was bought, it has also had tons of bugs seep in that have been known about and unfixed for years. I would Pay just to help support development but I don’t think it would make an impact. I reconsidered;

    -Because of all the annoying advertisements, but with a little manual configuration of the config file – or a downgrade to one of a number of beta versions, you can set the banners to be disabled, re-upgrade, the options are gone but the banners stay away too.

    Last thing left that would change my mind is if they re-added all those cool plugins, the visual map traceroute to each peer, the live chat with others downloading the same Torrent, etc – add that to a mini chat box under the play window, and I’d be excited again, except that watching MST3K would seem a bit redundant.

  • ive been slowly learning myself ova past few years and no im not a guest working for the company just a begginers understanding however you cant download the piratebay its a site just movies music etc. To download you need to click the magnet for downloading remember if you use any site to get a movie then allow some seeding even a few days helps others its generosity for those less fortunate with money that this helps them have the privilege to watch movies and i am grateful to those talented enough to care yes money is a big thing when it comes to software i dont agree with things being priced since they a repeatedly downloaded and the creater has only uploaded there site so no more work to be done on there side so yea things should be free or have a set limit of income generated. you could also try youtube it has bits of help on how to download if required GL

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