Boxopus Downloads Torrents Directly To Dropbox

Downloading a torrent is typically a two-step process that requires you to first download the file and then open it up in a client. Boxopus is a new web app that lets you skip the client and download torrent files directly to your Dropbox account.

Using Boxopus is simple. Once you sign up and link Boxopus to your Dropbox account, you only need to drag a file directly into Boxopus and the torrent starts downloading into your Dropbox account. No need for special programs or files, which means you can queue up torrents from any computer as long as you have a Dropbox account. Boxopus is still in beta, but it's free to use.

Boxopus [via TorrentFreak]


    There is of course an easy way. Save the torrent to a dropbox directory and have utorrent automatically fetch the torrent from there.

      Then that would defeat the purpose for people who don't have fast Internet where they are, and if they are away from home. Plus legalities, like downloading at school, work, etc. Those places, especially technical universities and businesses, watch for torrent traffic.

      Nvm, I see your point. Utorrent at home would pick it up. Still, this would require your computer to be online at home. Dropbox is a server, so your computer doesn't have to be on if you use the way described in the article.

    Does this then not use your broadband data until you download it from your dropbox?

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