This Trick Might Get You The Windows Phone 7 NoDo Update Early

Don't want to wait until sometime in April for the NoDo update to appear via your carrier? OCW has a suggestion for forcing the Zune desktop software to offer you the latest version even if it hasn't been officially released.

You can read the full details of the hack at the link below, but essentially it involves disconnecting your PC's network connection while Zune is looking for an update, which under some circumstances appears to make it automatically offer you an update to the latest version.

I'm heavily qualifying that statement because I had no luck whatsoever getting this trick to work with my own Optimus 7Q. Whether that's because my particular version of Zune is too up-to-date, I didn't time the disconnection stage right, or the trick doesn't work outside the US is anybody's guess. But if you are hanging out to get copy and paste on your WP7, it's not particularly hard to give it a try. If you get it working, we'd love to hear about it in the comments.

The simplest way to force update Windows Phone 7 with ‘NoDo’ March 2011 firmware [OCW]


    source link doesn't appear to be working.

      Fixed now, thanks for the spot.

    That trick is 2 weeks old and your phone needs to unbranded for it to work. Chris Walsh has just created a new app that will work on any WP7 phone no matter whether its branded, dev-unlocked or not.

      Just came in to post the same - confirmed working by multiple sources yesterday.

    lol, Got mine yesterday. The Marketplace update is probably my favourite part. No longer does my phone crash and burn in the marketplace :D

    That's entirely wrong gentlemen.

    I am running a HTC Trophy 7 with VodaFail branding and I got my NoDo fix using this trick about a week ago.

    The timing is very much dependent on your internet connection, and there are some limitations to the way you disconnect, but ultimately it works.

    Worked for my HTC Mozart on Orange. I believe this trick only works if your service provider is in the process of delivering the update to their network. If they are still "testing" or "scheduling" the update then this won't work. Check the MS WheresMyPhoneUpdate page.

    cool. Man this is some good news for the phone. Currently downloading and installing the update. so far so good. Cheers.

    Chris Walsh's tool updated my Samsung Focus (Read the special instruction for Samsung Focus owners). Having fed up with the AT&T Apple stock holders dragging their feet on updates, I think MS released this feature on the sly.

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