Next Windows Phone 7 Updates Won't Hit Australia Until April

When the first update to Windows Phone 7 was released in February, local carriers were rather unclear on when it would become available to Australians. Nick at Gizmodo checked in to see whether the situation would be any better with the more substantive 'NoDo' update, and discovered that once again we'll be waiting a while.

NoDo adds a number of new features to WP7, most notably cut and paste facilities, so it's definitely a desirable update. But as Nick discovered, aside from the HTC HD7 due from Telstra next week, which already has it in place, most carriers won't begin offering it out to customers until mid-April. Hit his post for the full story.

When Will The WP7 NoDo Update Land on Australian Phones? [Gizmodo]


    Hardly surprising, but this firmly plant WP7 as being somewhere between Apple and Google when it comes to speed of software updates trickling down to end users.

    I wonder if the two people with a Win Phone 7 will care?

      IDC figures indicate 116,000 + WP7 hansets sold in Q4 2010 in Australia (4.4% of 2.64m smartphones sold). There's more than 2 of them waiting for the upgrade.

    They're a bit late to the party eh?

    Microsoft have an update schedule here; does anyone actually believe there are a team of engineers testing wp7 updates within Optus & Telstra? (and they've been testing for over a month??)

    What happens when I've bought a phone outright? Where do the updates come from then?

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