The Zune Tribute Desktop

The Zune Tribute Desktop

MarioS loves the Zune Music software even more than we do, so he decided to build this custom desktop as a tribute. Not only does it have the same good looks, it also helps him get things done. Here’s how he set it up.

His desktop isn’t just a tribute to the Zune software (which MarioS notes is still his favourite music player), but also to his favourite band, Queens of the Stone Age. If you want the same look, regardless of who your favourite band is, here’s what you’ll need to put it all together:

MarioS notes that he has a number of other wallpapers that shuffle over the course of the day, rotating out every few minutes. He even has a Flickr gallery of them if you’re interested.

This setup is straightforward, but we like the way he incorporated the Zune player’s visual style into the whole thing. If you have any questions, want to give MarioS a thumbs up, or just want to let him know you like the desktop, head over to his Kinja blog to say hello.

Zune-QOTSA Tribute desktop [MarioS]