Send A Message To Australian Troops For Anzac Day

Once again, Telstra is offering an option to text or email Australian troops in the field in the run-up to Anzac Day. Until 11pm on April 26, you can text a message to 0447 877 678 or send one via the Telstra site.

Telstra's hoping for 30,000 messages this year, and will send them to troops helping with flood recovery in Australia as well as those active overseas.



    We as Aussie's don't say thankyou to our troops nearly enough and it's a shame we have to be encouraged to do so but as Anzac Day 2011 gets closer on behalf of my Aussie Family I want to thank all the troops who are overseas and to let them know we appreciate all that they are doing to keep us safe !

    I served for 7 years as a Grunt in D Coy 6RAR, so i know first hand what you are all going through, The thoughts of every Australian will be with you all not just on the 25th April but each and every day you sacrifice so much for our freedom and way of life.

    Lest we forget

    My thoughts are with all the troops in Afghanistan this ANZAC day especially my son Andrew who I am so proud of as he fights to keep the freedom we all often take for granted alive. Your family loves you very much and thinks about you on a daily basis and we are eagerly awaiting your safe return.

    My Old Dad was burried with the Australian Flag Covering His coffin.

    Peter Boyle. Kelburn

    I send to you all my best wishes and my admiration for what you are doing.

    Please stay safe. You are all heroes in my book.


    Sue Kilkenny and Greg Stats
    April 25th,2011 17.30
    To all our service men and women a big THANKYOU. You are never to far away from our thoughts and prays. Stay safe may the conflicts end soon and you return home sooner than later to the arms of family and friends. Collingwood defeated Essendon if you
    do not know already.
    Sue & Greg

    Our thoughts and prayers ,are always with you,thankyou for the risks you take each day. We pray for your safe return.Many blessings to you and your loved ones.Mary,Tony,Melinda and Damien Henderson.

    To my Fellow Australians serving in Our Armed forces around the world with gallantry, honour and great sacrifice to yourselves and your families, Thank you. Not only am i grateful for your service to me as an Australian but to all Australians. I am very proud of all of you and Salute and Thank you.
    Peter Saad
    Stanmore NSW

    Anzac spirit??!!

    RIP all our fallen Hero's who never made it home
    A heart felt Thank you to all who did make it home
    And to our Troops still serving overseas I am so Proud to call myself Australian knowing that we are in safe hand with or Brave men and woman of our Australian Armed Forces
    God Bless and may he keep you all safe to return home to your loved ones
    Pauline Dawson
    Perth WA

    To my grandfathers who fought for this country, lest we forget.
    To my special someone who is now risking his life so as our children and I are able to live the safe lives we do today, and for the rest of our lives, I thank you. I am so very proud of all you do for me and the kids and our fellow Aussies...
    Though so far from home, you are truly always here. I pray you are safe, and return home to me so I can hold you, and finally get to marry you. Nothing would make me prouder than to have married the man who gave me and australia the lives we have now. Always and forever your girl
    To all your fellow troop, god bless you and thank you all so very much, please keep my boy safe as he keeps you,xxx

    mid december nowra home coming drinks on sapper lol

    all you brave boy from Australia you do use proud may you all be home soon with your loved ones .

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