Where To Find ANZAC Day Broadcasts Online

Where To Find ANZAC Day Broadcasts Online

anzac_statueIf you’re not heading to an actual ANZAC Day service on Saturday, you’ve got options other than television.

Telstra is offering a live stream of six different dawn services via its BigPond News site. Telstra also says the streams will be available overseas, which is good news for expats. Its schedule of services (all times AEST) is:

0430 – 0500 Sydney Dawn Service
0530 – 0600 Canberra Dawn Service
0900 – 0930 NZ National Wreath Laying
1230 – 1315 Gallipoli Dawn Service
1330 – 1430 Villers Bretonneux Dawn Service
1700 – 1745 Lone Pine Service

To brush up on your ANZAC Day history, head to the ABC’s Gallipoli: The First Day “3D documentary site”. It’s impressive, though (as the site warns) it could knock a big hole in your download quota (as could too much Telstra streaming if you’re not a BigPond customer). Image from Wikimedia Commons


  • Get off your @ss and go out to an ANZAC day dawn service. They gave the ultimate sacrifice so we can sit on our butts and whine that its not a public holiday.

    Get real….. Go and show our returned servicemen and women just how thankful we are.

    • Attending or not attending a Dawn Service or an ANZAC Day march shouldn’t be the only way of showing our gratitude. Giving to charities such as Legacy is also a way of helping our veterans and their families- even moreso now that we have casualties among our serving soldiers in Afghanistan.

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