How Unconventional Are Your Working Arrangements?

How Unconventional Are Your Working Arrangements?

The notion of a predictable nine-to-five job definitely seems old-fashioned these days, and a recent study suggests that more and more of us are working in ways that would have been considered unusual a decade or two ago.

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A recent survey of 4,500 Australians as part of a global study by Kelly Services found that unusual approaches to work are increasingly becoming the norm. Long or unusual hours were cited by 30% of respondents, 20% had multiple jobs, 9% required living away from home and excessive travel was an issue for 8%.

Which of these categories does your job fit into? And what’s the most “unconventional” workplace arrangement you’ve ever had? Share your thoughts in the comments.


  • I work for 000 Emergency Services and I work 2x 12 hr day shifts, have a day off, 2x 12 hr night shifts and then 3 days off. Work for 1.5hrs, and then get a 30min break. Once a month I get EKOs which mean I get 2 night shifts ending after 8 hours. Couldn’t ask for a better roster now I am used to it.

  • I work from home in regional Australia as a software developer for a company in the UK.

    I last spoke with my boss on the phone about 6 months ago, and I last saw him face to face over 4 years ago.

    So, hours are as flexible as I want them to be, its all based on delivering software when I say I will.

    • I’m in a very similar position. I work from home in Perth for a small software company in the UK – although they fly me over to the UK once or twice a year, and we speak/message on Skype almost daily.

      I work “weird” hours and often on weekends – much to the annoyance of my girlfriend – but it means I can do things during the week (go to the beach, shop etc.) when it isn’t very busy. It has its perks…

      • I’ll agree with the hours. My last job was at a ‘chatroom moderation’ company in Perth that handled a whole bunch of different chat sources from around the world. The majority was UK-based, so we had most workers on between 3 and 9am…through it was a 24 hour office.

        When you get off work just after everybody else has started, you get a hell of a lot of time to shop or enjoy public places that others can’t.

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