How Unconventional Are Your Working Arrangements?

The notion of a predictable nine-to-five job definitely seems old-fashioned these days, and a recent study suggests that more and more of us are working in ways that would have been considered unusual a decade or two ago.

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A recent survey of 4,500 Australians as part of a global study by Kelly Services found that unusual approaches to work are increasingly becoming the norm. Long or unusual hours were cited by 30% of respondents, 20% had multiple jobs, 9% required living away from home and excessive travel was an issue for 8%.

Which of these categories does your job fit into? And what's the most "unconventional" workplace arrangement you've ever had? Share your thoughts in the comments.


    I work for 000 Emergency Services and I work 2x 12 hr day shifts, have a day off, 2x 12 hr night shifts and then 3 days off. Work for 1.5hrs, and then get a 30min break. Once a month I get EKOs which mean I get 2 night shifts ending after 8 hours. Couldn't ask for a better roster now I am used to it.

    Working unconventional hours is great!

    Saturday/Sunday/Monday 3pm-11pm
    Tuesday/Wednesday 4pm-12pm

    *Volunteer firefighter 24/7 out of these hours.

    I work from home in regional Australia as a software developer for a company in the UK.

    I last spoke with my boss on the phone about 6 months ago, and I last saw him face to face over 4 years ago.

    So, hours are as flexible as I want them to be, its all based on delivering software when I say I will.

      I'm in a very similar position. I work from home in Perth for a small software company in the UK - although they fly me over to the UK once or twice a year, and we speak/message on Skype almost daily.

      I work "weird" hours and often on weekends - much to the annoyance of my girlfriend - but it means I can do things during the week (go to the beach, shop etc.) when it isn't very busy. It has its perks...

        I'll agree with the hours. My last job was at a 'chatroom moderation' company in Perth that handled a whole bunch of different chat sources from around the world. The majority was UK-based, so we had most workers on between 3 and 9am...through it was a 24 hour office.

        When you get off work just after everybody else has started, you get a hell of a lot of time to shop or enjoy public places that others can't.

    Thursday-Monday (1pm-9pm)

    Very easy hours! :)

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