This Chart Teaches You How To Prepare Unusual Vegetables

This Chart Teaches You How to Prepare Unusual Vegetables

Whether you're trying to get more vegetables into your diet or just try new foods, this chart from Lucky Peach shows you several interesting ways to prepare common and uncommon vegetables

The chart includes suggestions for each vegetable, including how to, stir fry, grill, bake, or pickle each one. When you make your next meal plan, you can quickly refer to this chart to create tasty side dishes from unusual vegetables While there are a few more commonly used veggies, you can still mix up what dishes you make with this chart. Check out the full table by following the link below.

The Contorni Matrix [Lucky Peach]


    Wat. Carrots and eggplants are unusual vegetables? And leeks too? Is this what we've become? Where carrots and eggplants are unusual??

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