How To Prepare Breakfast For The Week In 5 Minutes

How To Prepare Breakfast For The Week In 5 Minutes

Save time in the mornings and still have a nutritious breakfast by cooking steel-cut oats overnight just once a week in mason jars. It takes all of five minutes.

Oatmeal is one of the best breakfasts you can eat, but preparing it from scratch can take up to 45 minutes — time most of us don’t have on weekdays. The Kitchn offers a great solution to having no time to cook breakfast in the morning:

Basically you combine oats and water, bring them to a boil, then cover and turn off the heat. Leave overnight and in the morning simply warm them up. They’ll be perfectly cooked – tender, chewy, and creamy. […]Do this just once on Sunday night, and divide the oatmeal between five jars. You’re immediately set up for a week of breakfasts!

Hit up the link below for the recipe and tips, like having mix-ins for your oatmeal ready to go as well. Photo by The Kitchn

Oatmeal in Jars: Make a Week of Breakfast in 5 Minutes [The Kitchn]


  • I’ve been more or less doing this, although my method is a bit different:

    (1) Pour some “Quick” oats (basically oats that have been slightly shredded) into bowl
    (2) Tap water to the appropriate level (you get a feel for it)
    (3) Microwave for one minute
    (4) Milk to taste/texture/temperature
    (5) sugar/honey/sultanas/banana/whatever to taste

    Basically I’m no good at planning ahead :–P. Literally takes less than 3 minutes to prepare each morning and provides a cheap, hot, tasty, nutritious start to the day.

    And I mean CHEAP. One kilo of quick oats ($2.50 + ~$0.20 for dried fruit/whatever) = breakfast for at least two weeks for myself and my flatmate. A pack of cereal ($5+)? Maybe three days. Even if all the other advantages didn’t apply, that’s about nine times cheaper. It made so much sense I’ve been doing it for about a year now.

  • Cereal is full of Sugers and Salt and other unhealthy stuff.

    This method lets you have a healthy breakfast and a warm start to our cold winter mornings.

    We all know that Oats is boring too but at least you can flavour it to have something different.

  • I read somewhere that Quick Oats aren’t as good for you as regular oats – they don’t have the same healthy benefits because they’ve been processed more.

    Dried Goji berries are especially good for you and soak overnight to become plump and juicy the next day. I combine with sultanas to add a bit of taste to otherwise plain oats 😉

    • Jesse,
      Quick oats are fine, as long as they’re 100% oat.

      In the US quick oats have chemical thickeners and starches added to make it instant, hence the source of the rumour.

      Uncle Toby’s just shred it finer ( i have my doubts about some of the instant sachet’s though, will have to check”

    • As has been said – I use “quick” oats that are just regular rolled oats which have been shredded a bit to make them cook faster. I have no idea what Uncle Tobys and others add to their little flavoured snack sachets, but I would be surprised if there wasn’t some extra processing step.

      May take a look at this Goji berry idea for some variety.

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