An Easy, No-Measuring-Required Way To Make Real Oatmeal Fast

An Easy, No-Measuring-Required Way To Make Real Oatmeal Fast

For a delicious and versatile breakfast that requires almost no effort other than boiling water, make oatmeal in a jar. Kris Bordessa at the Attainable Sustainable blog shows you how to make this simple, grab-and-go meal.All you need are dry rolled oats (not the instant kind) that you fill a mason jar with halfway. You could use a half-pint jar for one serving, a pint for two servings, and so on. One brilliant aspect of this method is you don’t have to do any measuring at all.

Add your toppings and sweeteners of choice (dried fruit, nuts, brown sugar, honey, etc), then pour boiling water to the bottom of the threads.

After shaking, just wait at least 15 minutes and your breakfast will be ready. Healthy, easy, and fast — a winning combination for the most rushed meal of the day.

(Note: For steel-cut oats, which take longer to cook, you may be better of doing the overnight oatmeal cooking trick, which also involves mason jars and enables you to make breakfast for the week in five minutes.)

Check out the Attainable Sustainable blog post below for more suggestions and tips on this oatmeal-cooking method, or share your own breakfast hacks with us in the comments.

Oatmeal: Homemade Faster (and Healthier) than McDonald’s [Attainable Sustainable]


  • This is pretty similar to an article posted a short while ago on LH, but good advice anyway.

    Personally, I start almost every day with porridge (i.e., properly cooked oats). Bowl, plain shredded oats, tap water, microwave for a minute. Maybe more if it needs a little extra. Milk, honey/brown sugar/walnuts/sultanas/whatever, yum!

    Less than 5 minutes from go to woah. Hot, tasty, cheap and immensely healthy breakfast.

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