How Much Of A Bargain Is Aldi's 1TB External Drive?

Aldi has another of its customary "get to the store first thing or it will sell out" tech deals tomorrow. $79 for 1TB of external storage is a pretty good deal, but not an entirely unique one.

We've made the point in other contexts that while Aldi is good value, it isn't always cheaper than its competitors. The same holds here.

Yes, this is a better deal than the requiring-power-supply drive that Aldi had for a similar price last year. However, a quick search on StaticIce reveals a lot of similarly priced offers. The main distinguishing feature for the Aldi offering is USB 3.0, which is a good choice if your laptop or PC is one of the relatively rare models which supports it, but won't make any practical difference otherwise.

Aldi [via OzBargain]


    One suspects that once Aldi posts its tech specials, a lot of online retailers reduce their prices for similiar items accordingly, and you see that reflected on OzBargain. That's the law of the retail jungle.

    Looks to me like the drive has a power port

    You seem to suggest this is a 2.5" portable drive ("this is a better deal than the requiring-power-supply drive that Aldi had for a similar price last year"), but comparing the image to the form factor of 3.5" ( ) & 2.5" ( ) drives offered in the UK, and considering there is no mention of portable or USB powered, I think it wrong to assume this is anything but a 3.5" external drive. That said, I think its actually over priced.

      Hi Dave found what you wrote very interesting but please excuse my silly nit pick; If you use a url shortening service like tiny url. Then your url becomes, for instance,

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        Personally I can't stand URL shortening services. I prefer to know what it is I'm clicking before I click on it.

        My preference would be to be able to use hyperlinks in blog comments... but I hear what you are saying.

          Can't you? I didn't seem to have issues doing that previously.

    Median? Hell no! Had nothing but problems with a warranty return a few years back on a laptop. They couldn't even return the correct AC adaptor.

    I'll stick to Officeworks for my portable drives. If anything goes wrong it's a simple matter of swap-and-go for a HDD warranty issue.

    Beware Aldi and their throwaway rubbish.

    Or put another way, hold on to your receipt very very carefully (despite that items are only sold by Aldi at a particular point in time) and pray that when it fails (it will fail) it's within the ever so generous 12 month warranty period.

    My barely 12 month old digital table radio has failed, our folding chairs and gazebo are all safely in land fill. So is the sink tidy, the porcelain cups, the watering can.....

      I also forgot to mention the multiple toasters, electric kettles that we have also sent to landfill.

      (but the baked beans are quite tasty)

    I too have had problems with Aldi products. I once bought I think it was an 8 GB USB Stick for $16 and it was horrible. I uploaded stuff onto the USB such as videos but they kept freezing.

    Do keep the receipt with you..

    You can get a Seagate 1TB external drive for $78 at Harris Technologies and OfficeWorks

    That Aldi one is not a super bargain

    "You can get a Seagate 1TB external drive for $78 at Harris Technologies and OfficeWorks"

    sadly you are mistaken, this is a USB 3.0 device, not a lousy USB 2.0 device so, aldi has an edge, even if its the same price as the last time they did the 1tb drives

    got a 1 Tb USB3.0 one from for $49.99.
    Free shipping for anything over $55 but shipping is $5. So got myself 3 sharpies and BAM..Profit!
    Here is the link for everyone ->

    :O anyone recognise the keyboard in this picture? Looks nice!

    Can I just point out that the Aldi drive includes WiFi network access? Most of the other drives mentioned are just bog standard external hard drives. Of course you can beat the Aldi drive if you're only talking Gig per $/€.

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