Bargain Tech Offers At Coles And Aldi Tomorrow

Two tech discounts in supermarkets that kick off on Thursday 29 July: Aldi has a 1TB external drive for $79, while Coles is selling a Telstra Next G prepaid modem for $49 (the older model rather than the newer release). Veteran Aldi shoppers generally advise showing up at opening times to ensure you get special offers before they run out. [Coles via OzBargain, Aldi via OzBargain]


    Actually, veteran ALDI shoppers know that ALDI has no nightfill, so the surprise buys can usually be bought on the Wednesday night just before 7pm close.

      Don't tell everyone that...
      it was supposed to our little secret for stock...

    Aldi had the same drive almost a year ago on sale for $129. I get to my store early, and while waiting 5 min its the queue between 8:05 and 8:15, I saw at least 10 get sold. They were selling like Hotcakes.

    Now its, Sunday, I wounder how many would be left - I could go for another one for a backup. Plus it's e-sata so it fits on top of my PC for supperfast speeds.

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