Quickmarks Adds Bookmark Shortcuts To The Chrome Omnibar

Quickmarks Adds Bookmark Shortcuts To The Chrome Omnibar

Chrome’s omnibar is great, but it lacks the ability to set bookmark shortcuts. Quickmarks is a Chrome extension that solves this problem, allowing you to access your bookmarks via the keyboard very quickly.

How does it work? After installing the extension, you type “b” in the omnibar, then the bookmark shortcut for the bookmark you want to open. You set bookmark shortcuts by appending a keyword in brackets (e.g. [fb]for Facebook) to the title of the bookmark. Quickmarks will recognise this, making it so you only have to type “b fb” to open Facebook in your browser. Very simple and very handy.

Quickmarks [Google Chrome Extension Gallery via Download Squad]


  • Why do that when you can just set-up a custom search engine? It’s built into Chrome. Just go to the search engine editing dialogue, put in the site name, keyboard shortcut and the URL for the site.

    The only advantage I can see with this is not conflicting with existing custom search engines. (But you could always do, say, “f” for Facebook and “fs” for Facebook Search, etc.)

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