Add Chrome's Extension Page To Your Bookmark Bar For Quick Access

If you install a lot of extensions in Chrome, you may be annoyed that the Extensions page doesn't have a keyboard shortcut for quick access. Reader Jaden offers a solution you may not have thought of: stick it in your bookmarks bar.

In lieu of a keyboard shortcut to the extensions page, and to avoid going to Wrench > Tools > Extensions, create a bookmark on the bookmarks bar to chrome://extensions for easy access.

We already knew that a lot of Chrome's settings pages have their own URLs, but we never thought to add them to our bookmark bar for quicker access. This particular one is handy since it doesn't have a keyboard shortcut, and it's pretty buried under the wrench menu. Of course, it works with any other settings page you want to put there too (like Downloads or History), but they also have handy keyboard shortcuts too.


    Or right-click on any of the extension icons and select "Manage extensions..." from the context menu.

    Great tip. Note that you can also put a folder in your Bookmarks bar (e.g. "tools") and add the shortcut to that. This saves real-estate on the Bookmarks bar.

    Better still, install the ChromeAccess extension. Plenty of stuff to play with in here!

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