GimmeQuotes Collects Quotes From Tradies For Your Household Job

Got a task to be done around the house that exceeds your DIY skills threshold but don't have the time to manually chase up quotes for the work? GimmeQuotes lets you post a project for tradespeople to bid on.

Categories where you can seek quotes include the obvious (plumbing, roof repairs) and the perhaps less obvious (mobile phone plans, conveyancing). Previously reviewed Who Can Do offers a similar service. If you give GimmeQuotes a whirl, let us know how it works out in the comments. Thanks Alastair for the tip!



    Highly recommend Service Central for this:

    The only problem is that the businesses quoting on your jobs will build the lead costs into the quote. You can always get better rates contacting companies direct (and likely a better contractor too.

    I used the service yesterday after seeing it on Lifehacker and instantly received 2 relevant quotes. I have a contractor coming on Monday to do the work. Nice find

    Thanks for the Info! Found a great site Quoteworld providing free quotes for all kinds of jobs like house painting, plumbing, kitchen renovations, electricians, dress making, wedding and event related services.

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