WhoCanDo Lets Tradies Bid To Work On Your Renovations

WhoCanDo.jpg It's pretty universally accepted wisdom that the best way to find a builder, plumber or other tradesperson is to get a personal recommendation, but that's not much help if no-one you know has employed a tiler recently. WhoCanDo takes the online auction model and applies it to renovations and other household tasks: enter details of your planned project and tradies can bid to win your business. Given that most every plumber I know has more work on than they can comfortably manage, I'm not entirely sure how effective this would be, but it's a pain-free way of getting a few representative quotes if nothing I can do. If you've got any other snazzy techniques for snaring the perfect tradesperson, let's hear them in the comments.


    I've used WhoCanDo.com.au and it worked really well. I needed a fence for my pool. I got four bids. There was no cost to me, so i'm assuming that they make their money from the trades people somehow. All in all a good experience. Way better than using a directory.

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