Find Quotes Quickly With The Quote Operator In Google

Find Quotes Quickly With The Quote Operator In Google

Want to find something quickly to attribute to a particular famous person? Google’s got an easy search operator for that.

If you simply append “quotes” to the end of your search string, as the Google Operating System blog notes, you’ll get a Google card as the first result, highlighting a notable quote or two from the person in question. Google’s not particularly verifying that the quote is genuinely attributable to the person in question, however, so you might want to back up and do some further research.

Quotes Card in Google Search [Google Operating System]


  • Tried it, searching for the quote “My fave”. Nothing.
    So either nobody has ever said it – or you can’t do a search based on the quote
    In case it’s the former, here’s a quote Google can attribute to me:

    “A spoonful of Milo? My fave!”

    • It doesn’t look like it is designed for reverse quote searches. More for “I’m doing a project on Bill Gates, better get a quote for it”, then searching “Bill Gates quotes” comes up with a list of his quotes.

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