iPad 2 Will Be Released In Australia On March 25

iPad 2 Will Be Released In Australia On March 25

iPad 2 Will Be Released In Australia On March 25The good news? Australians will only have to wait a fortnight after the US release of the iPad 2 for the second generation of Apple’s tablet to go on sale in Australia, with the device set to hit stores on Friday March 25. The bad news? We don’t yet have pricing details.

In the US, where the new iPad (complete with dual cameras, thinner design and a choice of black or white casing) goes on sale on March 11, a 16GB basic model will cost $US499, the 32GB version will be $US599 and the 64GB version will be $US699. The same options with 3G added will cost $US629, $US729 and $US829 respectively.

Despite near-parity with the US dollar, we’ll be surprised if the pricing is exactly the same in Australia. That said, since the pricing should have been set more recently than with the original iPad and the US pricing matches that of the original iPad, we might not see so much of the “Apple tax” applied. Meanwhile, pricing on the original iPad has been cut dramatically.


  • We’ll never see parity unless the A$ surges ahead. Bear in mind Aussie prices are always advertised including GST, whereas they’re not in the States. So a US$499 iPad will, in theory, be at least A$549 to be ‘equal’.

  • If recent price reductions of the 1st gen iPad in USA and Australia are anything to go by, we’ll probably see the 16GB wifi version selling for $579-$599. Just look at the 32GB wifi iPad 1. $499 in USA (same price as what 16GB iPad 2 wifi will be selling for) and $579 here.

    • AFAIK you cannot do this. even if you had a USA Apple Store Account they will not deliver outside USA from Apple USA Online Store purchases.

      If the 2 weeks matters that much, then your options are to get someone in USA to go and buy one from a USA Apple store, or order for online delivery to a USA address on March 11, then get them to pop it a FedEx / UPS / DHL box and send it priority express to you here in Aust. Co$tly… but you could have it in your hands in 2-3 days if you paid for the fastest shipping service.

      Or spend +$1K on airfare, and 30+ hours on a plane, and go get one yourself from a USA store March 11th 🙂

      So HOW much does the two weeks matter 😉

  • I ran the numbers using one of the drop shipping sites. Assuming the AU$ price is the same as iPad 1 and depending on the exchange rate on the day I could save $5 to $50 after taking into account sales tax at the drop shippers location, the costs of pre-loading a US debit card and FedExing it to Australia. I did not include the cost of a US phone number that the DS tells me I need in case Apple run a check on my order – another $10 or so. This seems like a whole lot of fuss and little savings to be a week or so ahead of buying here. @Jell – if that is what you “need” go for it!!!

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