Use Google SketchUp To Plan Removal Truck Packing

When you're moving house, getting as much gear in the truck as possible is crucial. Rather than just starting with large items and hoping for the best, use Google's free SketchUp software to plan how you'll place everything.

Gizmodo reader Zaaiky did that, resulting in a much more efficient packing routine and minimising the amount of time needed to rent a truck. It also had a perhaps less obvious benefit:

The best part of it though is that it saved us from arguing with all and sundry who came to help out, about how to pack the truck.

As Giz editor Nick points out, there's a fair amount of effort involved in measuring all your gear to make that process accurate, but if you're trying to minimise the number of trips involved, it would be worth it.

Google SketchUp: Helping People Pack Moving Trucks Since 2011 [Gizmodo]


    It is probably just quicker and easier to try and pack the truck, rather then plan it with SketchUp for a week, then only relising that your furniture isn't to scale (unless you measure everything first)

    I did a similar thing when I was thinking about rearranging furniture. I went into nowhere as much detail as this though.

    Are you guys serious? Who is actually that anal?

    Another bit of Win/Mac-only software. Could you please remember to note platforms in your articles in the future when referring to software?

      We do point that out when we're reviewing software. That said, Windows and Mac is better than just being a single platform option.

    @ronkinoz, I only had the truck for 24 hours, and had to pack it, drive 350 kms, unpack it, and drive back 350 kms. Hiring a one way truck, you pay 3 times as much. Go look it up yourself, you idiot, before you call me anal.

    I have done this recently when I moved my family out of the city...pretty organized way of planning..


    I'm actually doing this right now for taking a large (9-53' trucks) show to California. Need to be as efficient as possible. Worth the time. You can also just d-load the furniture from the net and change the dims. Later you can populate the house with all of it. Pretty straight forward.

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