Improve Remote Desktop Performance On Windows With A Few Settings Changes

Running a Windows system by remote screen control requires some serious bandwidth and so usually goes a bit slowly. Improve your Remote Desktop connection speed by tweaking colour depth, disabling sound and printers, and other key settings tweaks. [Tech-Recipes]


    Heres a problem. . .

    I cant get Windows 7 to remote desktop control a XP machine.

    Umm, really this article is common sense. I'm surprised it was even published.

    @warcroft - Win7 introduced a certificate system that wasn't present in WinXP, so out of the box, you won't be able to RDP into a W7 machine from XP. I'm sure there's a way to get around the problem via either a few hacks, or 3rd part software. Google is your friend.

      I can get the XP machine to connect and RDP the Windows 7 machine, but the Windows 7 machine can not RDP the XP machine.
      Ive scoured the internet looking for a solution, but to no joy.

      Im having to use LogMeIn to access the XP machine.
      Its amusing that, even thought the XP machine is in the next room, Im having to bounce the connection across the world and back.

        I went and tried TightVNC. Is great!
        Easy set up. Nice and quick. Works like a dream.

    I've almost never been able to get RDC to work at all; on the very rare occasions (occasion?) when I have, it's been horrendously slow.

    Now I just use TeamViewer. It's free, fast, straightforward, adjustable, and seven other kinds of awesome.


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