Microsoft Remote Desktop Controls Windows From Your Android Or iOS Device

Microsoft Releases Remote Desktop for Android and iOS

Android/iOS: Alongside Windows 8.1, Microsoft released its Remote Desktop application today for both Android and iOS. This makes it easy to control your Windows desktop from your Android or iOS device.

You can access almost everything on your Windows computer directly from your smartphone or tablet. Once you're connected, you can access your computer using the touch interface with full support for Windows gestures. Everything's authenticated as well, so wherever you are your connection will remain secure.

Microsoft Remote Desktop (Free) [Google Play]

Microsoft Remote Desktop (Free) [iTunes App Store]


    Just checked, wasn't on the ios store... :(

      There's a link to the iTunes store download page in the post and it worked just fine when I checked it now.

        Was when i tried to access it on my iphone, by searching in the app store.

    how about... i dunno WP8????

      LOL what a strange omission.

        ummmmmm. I was about to say the exact same thing... How am I forced to use third party products, because I stay faithful..

        Fucking hell.

    Yay, Ive been waiting for this all month since Microsoft bought out iTap RDP - which was one of the only rdp clients that had gateway settings. :)

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