• Remotely Take Control Of Your Raspberry Pi’s Desktop

    You’ve got your Raspberry Pi ready to go, but you want it to run it without having a keyboard or mouse (or perhaps even a screen) attached. In order to interact with it, you’ll need to connect to it remotely and one way to accomplish that is with a Virtual Network Computing (VNC) server /…

  • Splashtop Desktop Offers Cross-Platform Remote Management

    Windows/Mac: There are plenty of options if you want to control a Mac or Windows PC from another system, but Splashtop Remote Desktop is a new option that lets you start with a Mac and control other Macs or Windows systems, complete with HD video and graphics on the remote system.

  • How To Install A VNC Server On Your Jailbroken iOS Device

    If you’ve ever left your iPhone at home and needed to check for missed calls, or you couldn’t find it and wanted to make an alarm go off with minimal effort, you could do both of those things easily if remote access were possible. If you have a jailbroken iOS device you can do that…