Groupon Officially Launches In Australia, Still Called Stardeals

Groupon Officially Launches In Australia, Still Called Stardeals

Groupon Officially Launches In Australia, Still Called StardealsAs expected, group deals site Groupon has fully launched in Australia today, though it is sticking to the name Stardeals (having missed out on grabbing its “own” domain). Right now, there are only deals for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth on offer.

In a clear bid to grab some attention from its rival while group deals are in the news, Cudo launched the results of a survey today which found that one in four Australians had made a purchase on a group deal site in the past 12 months — not bad for a fairly new category. That said, with so many contenders aiming at this market, I can’t imagine they’re all going to succeed in the long run. I also think Groupon deserves a bollocking for writing “Groupon translates to ‘Stardeals’ in Australian” in its launch announcement. What do you think?


  • Anyone else find the email address they use for coupon sites magically starts receiving email from spammers with you real name listed in it? I’ve had two sites I bought from do that now. (I won’t name them)

    And I use individual email addresses for every site, so I can track this sort of behaviour easily.

  • Well I had a look at it last night and I didn’t like the T&C as they can change them and there is not even a notification via a email that there’s a change. They have your email and I would at least expect that. Not the way it is ATM. You need to check the website all the time and if you purchase or use an offer you are agreeing to the T&C even if there is an update you don’t know about.
    Sorry, pass

    • Not only are the Terms and Conditions generally so long that no one will read them: 15 minutes to read them all for an average person. (One coupon site I was checking up)
      They are also too general, vague and nonsensical.
      It also claims they can change at any time.
      They are copyright so you are not allowed to make a copy of them for your records.
      How can any of this be legal in Australia?

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