Groupon Australia Will Offer Group Deals, You Know The Drill

Groupon Australia Will Offer Group Deals, You Know The Drill

Groupon Australia Will Offer Group Deals, You Know The DrillTo paraphrase Prince, I think Australia needs another group deal site like it needs a hole in the head. But given Groupon’s dominant position in the US market, its Australian arrival in the next day or so will be a big deal.

The Facebook page for Groupon Australia says it will “launch within the next 24 hours”. Given the tight competition in this market, even amongst sites which aggregate other deal sites, it may have its work cut out, though of course brand loyalty doesn’t count for much with group deal sites. The big brand recognition issue? Right now, the site is using the domain, though that could get fixed prior to launch.

Groupon AU on Facebook


  • NAB charged me a 2.3% ‘international transfer fee” on my recent Groupon Australia purchase of $399.
    I assumed an Australian Company would have an Australian bank account for payment processing.
    No more Groupon purchases for me.

    • As a consumer I am pretty sure you should read all terms and conditions as well as fine print before purchasing any product so there are no “hidden” surprises.

      6) Refunds
      d) Our payments are processed via an overseas gateway and from time to time, your financial institution or payment provider may charge you an additional fee for transacting with us because of this. If this occurs, please contact our customer care team who can arrange a refund for this fee.

  • Having just done a purchase for some wines from McLaren Vale, a Group On Voucher, It is not being emailed to me. How can I get my hands on this. Money has gone from my bank act. Where do I find ‘My Account’ which
    it tells me to look for. I do not have a smart phone or a tablet. Only my computer.

  • well now something might happen as I ordered 3 magna meshes on the 23/01/12 its now22/03/12 money gone and NO RESPONSE FROM EMAILS OR PHONE think they are DODGEYohhh YES even given them numbers who ever reads this the numbers are 151535 maybe someone will get something they r just a lot of thieves ron robinson

  • I ordered two Memory Foam Pillows on 2/03/12 and never recive them, their phone always busy no way you can get anyone to answer the phone, no response emails I have sent to them many times,They are DODGEY and thieves never deal with them again!

  • ordered two cordless irons on 16/4/2012, they debited my credit card but still no goods, ignore all emails & phone calls, criminals, must ring my bank to complain

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