group deals

  • OurDeal Now Has An iOS App

    Frankly, mobile apps for group deal sites strike me as one of the key examples of where a mobile-friendly site would be a better investment. But if you think differently, previously featured OurDeal now has a free iOS app. Fill your boots if you wish. [iTunes Store]

  • Hotmail Users Get 10% Off Cudo Deals In September

    Chances are you haven’t used your Hotmail account for a while, but this could be an incentive: until the end of September, you can get 10% off any group deal from Cudo by accessing it via your Hotmail account. Not only will that give you 10% off, it also keeps your main email account from…

  • DealFetch Sorts Group Deals By Suburb

    Yes, is yet another group deal aggregation site, but at least it has a potentially worthwhile twist. The site add location details to deals and lets you pick ones near your suburb, so you can filter out cheap restaurant meals that require you to drive for kilometres in peak hour traffic.