Grouped Is Another Group Deal Aggregator

Grouped Is Another Group Deal Aggregator

Grouped Is Another Group Deal Aggregator Lifehacker rounded up group deal aggregators back in January, but like the group deal market itself, aggregators continue appearing. Grouped is yet another contender, rounding up offers from both deal of the day and group deal sites.

Reader Rob pointed Grouped out to us, and noted its extensive city list as a major selling point. As well as the expected capitals, there’s also options for Broome, Bundaberg, Alice Springs, Geelong, Townsville, Newcastle, Wollongong, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast and the NSW Central Coast. (With that said, Bundaberg and Alice Springs didn’t have any deals when we did a random check.)

In more active markets, the site appears to cover group deals from Cudo, Scoopon, Spreets, OurDeal, JumpOnIt, Ouffer, Stardeals and Yellow Pages. Its overall range is pretty high, but still looks smaller than AllTheDeals, the most comprehensive site we’ve encountered in this space. Thanks Rob for the tip!



  • I have also visited Grouped and was excited by it’s simplicity and the time it saved me jumping from site to site. I also only receive one e-mail now instead of multiple! High five for de-cluttering.

  • Thanks for the write up Angus! Really appreciate it as we only just launched 5 days ago! We’re also reviewing some of these group deals through our blog. Hopefully this will add another aspect to group buying for the consumer.

    Kind Regards,

    Grouped Co-Founder

  • I made 4 critisms of the site and commented in their comments section.

    1) The SORT BY box does nothing, even though there are 4 choices
    2) There is no NEXT PAGE or similar button. I was stuck with the 15 deals on the home page
    3) Any comment you make dissappears upon a page refresh, even if the front page remains identical
    4) Grouped will not let me see other reader comments

    Their response was to “ban” me from making any more comments. Guess what site I will never be looking at again?

  • Firstly, Zhen thank-you for very much for your kind words. We appreciate them and certainly wish you all the best with your upcoming updates.

    “Big Ramifications” I am not going to enter into a public spat with you but we certainly do appreciate your feedback. Your comments were removed because we do not tolerate abusive language on our website and we were forced to take such action. After the abusive language appeared several times we were forced to remove you from any further discussions. As any founder would, I appreciate anyone willing to give advice and feedback so I have therefore offered you the chance to contact me directly by email ([email protected]).

    Kind Regards,

    Grouped Co-Founder

  • Hi Angus,

    We like Grouped – very nice and clean layout.

    If you don’t mind, please have a look at the site we just launched.

    DealisON tracks highest number of group buying sites in Australia and we plan to increase coverage as more group buying site come on the market.

    Thanks and have a nice day.

  • Hey we have just launched a global aggregator. We have some cool option like allowing clients to set up reminder emails to avoid any vouchers or coupons going past their expiry. This function can be used for passed vouchers used and new in the navigation frame whilst purchasing. Please have look at – We are adding cities and countries weekly.

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